World’s Top 10 Young Traders, Bankers And Dealmakers

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Gone are the days when experience would come with the passage of time, and considered to be the ultimate key of unlimited success in any market. A subtle change that might lead to an evolution of, perhaps, the entire future, can be observed as an increasing number of firms, allowing “younger” traders to be in charge of almost all important aspects of their business, in general.

The fresh talent and an even newer perspective that these vigorous entrepreneurs carry has been seen impacting the financial services quite effectively. Technology companies such as IEX Group and SoFi are among the few to have been started by people who have undoubtedly shaken the way financial markets function at a comparatively very young age.

So, let’s have a look at the top ten young traders/dealers/bankers who really carved a niche by virtue of their outstanding abilities and capabilities:-

–  Vladimir Tenev

A 28 year old owner of a mobile app company, known as Robinhood, is the first one to offer commission free stock trading through the given digital medium. Founded back in 2013, the company, till date, has been able to raise up to $66 million of funding from many investors, out of which one is Google.

–  Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith was only twenty-nine years old when he executed his vision of offering the most effective technical chops to startups to help Wall Street utilize block chain technology. Heading this venture under the name of, this website single-handedly gathered up to $150 million within the past two years of its existence.

–  Darren Dixon

Another smart inventor to have achieved great deeds at a relatively young age is a gentleman named Darren Dixon, who, just at the age of twenty-nine, has been promoted to the position of managing director at Goldman Sachs.

–  Jonathan Birnbaum

It  certainly isn’t a small deal to quantify at the position of a chief operating officer in a company, which is as big as Morgan Stanley at the age of twenty-nine and Jonathan Birnbaum proved it to be possible.

–  Iseult Conlin

Not only is Iseult Conlin a fixed income trader at BlackRock but she is also a pioneer at electronic trading methods. She is incredibly talented with a fixated sense of direction. She generally focuses on corporate bonds in industries like aerospace & defense or transports for five-year and lower durations.

–  Joshua Klivan

There are some who manage to become stars of the financial world before even reaching the age of thirty. Joshua Klivan is one of them. Being a partner in 3G Capital with Jorge Paulo Lemann, he works out of the New York office while focusing on 3G’s long/short equity fund.

–  Brian Welch

Another one is Brian Welch, who, at the mere age of twenty-nine, is recognized as the partner of Bill Ackman’s billionaire hedge fund that helps people with home runs like Pershing Square’s bet on the Canadian Pacific.

–  Robert Kalsow-Roman

Robert Kalsow-Roman sits as the principal at Apollo Global Management. Communicating with several major chemical groups such as Hexion and Momentive Performance, he has achieved a lot at the age of just twenty-nine.

–  Frank Yu

He has been directly involved in putting $1.4 billion to work at Blackstone’s Tactical Opportunities group at a young age of twenty-nine.

–  Nate Paul

Founder of the Texas-based private equity firm by the name of World Class Capital Group, Nate Paul has managed to build and call a human $1 billion real estate portfolio in over seventeen states in perhaps, the shortest time possible.

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