Forbes Releases 2015 Data on the World’s Most Valuable Brands


Surprising no one, technology dominates the top brands on the list. And guess who’s number one?

Here are the top four most valuable brands in the world right now:


The tech empire is still the reigning ruler, spanning the globe with its products. The brand stays relevant by focusing on more commercially-successful applications of pre-existing tech, making the features useful to the average consumer.

Apple has consistently released a new product approximately once a year since their rise in the tech markets through their Mac PC computers, laptops, early iPods, iPhones, and iPads. With wise investments and marketable products, Apple remains top banana.

The company’s brand value is estimated at $145.3 billion.


Trailing behind Apple is another tech giant. But the gap between brand value is a staggering one, with Microsoft sitting at an estimated $69.3 billion next to Apple’s $145.3 billion. Microsoft also spends about $1 billion more in advertising and marketing costs than Apple, who relies more on hype, word of mouth and social media to take care of their marketing.

Microsoft has to work harder to stay relevant, and it reflects in the brand value gap. But Microsoft’s technology departments are far-reaching, with sectors devoted to multiple technological applications. Their diversity is one of the reasons that they frequently sit towards the the top of the most-valuable-brands list, and earned them the number two spot for 2015.


Google sits close behind Microsoft at the number three spot. Google is currently valued at $65.6 billion, a gap shy of $4 billion separating the two tech companies.

Google’s recent bids in the mobile tech sectors has made them a closer competitor to Microsoft and Apple, releasing new products that have been favorably received by critics and the public. Like Microsoft, Google devotes much of their manpower to the development of new technological innovations with a broad spectrum of innovations, recently beating Facebook tech researchers to an artificial intelligence milestone several decades in the making.

The tech company’s contributions and partnerships with other valuable corporations has worked in their favor, with other brands being supported by Google software and tech; avoiding the exclusivity of Apple and remaining one of the most valuable brands at the close of 2015.


While soft drink sales have slightly declined in recent years following backlash from health advocacy groups, Coca-Cola remains strong throughout the years, and sits firmly as the world’s fourth-most-valuable brand with an estimated value of $56 billion.

For a beverages company (even a titan like Coca-Cola) to follow so closely behind the world’s top three most valuable tech brands is a testament to Coca-Cola’s marketing department and financial expertise. Their constant presence on a global scale is difficult to disrupt, regardless of current market trends; the brand remains stable and valuable.

Coca-Cola spends more than any three of the top-valued brands with an advertising fee of $3.5 billion in 2015. But because the product rarely changes, the brand’s success relies heavily on consistently strong marketing and advertising, securing its overall value.

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