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All these Magento themes and Magento extensions are included in Ultimento!

With its unique Magento themes and Magento extensions, Ultimento entirely revamps the popular e-commerce platform for Speed, SEO, Conversions, and Usability. Check out the Demo Site and the Video to see things for yourself and get Ultimento 3 NOW! This is more than just a new release - Ultimento 3 changes everything.

Exploded Menu Extension

Magento Drop Down extension

Magento Exploded Menu Extension
  • Dynamically pull categories from Magento
  • Integrate images, video, anything you want right into the menu
  • Allow shoppers to quickly and easily navigate your website’s content
  • Check out the menus on our Ultimento Demo Site

Magento Slider Extension

Magento JavaScript slider

Magento Slider Extension
  • Easily add attractive and dynamic JS sliders to your site
  • Lightweight and SEO friendly
  • Fully customizable - showcase featured products and promotions!
  • See the slider in action.

Product Carousel Extension

Magento Product Slider extension

Magento Product Slider Extension
  • Creative and unique way to display your products
  • Easily add more products to the page without taking up valuable real estate
  • Includes images, price etc to easily compare products
  • See a product cross selling with the Carousel.

Optimized Checkout Module

Magento Optimized Checkout extension

Magento Checkout Extensions
  • Get users through checkout faster
  • Reduce cart abandonement
  • Multiple registration scenarios for all possible needs
  • Show users what they're buying with persistent cart in checkout!

Facebook Connect Extension

Magento Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect Extension
  • 1-click login/register via Facebook
  • Prepared for all possible scenarios
  • Boost conversion & registration rates by being where your customers are!
  • Log in to our Ultimento Demo and try it!

Facebook/Google+ Extension

Social on the homepage

Facebook and Google Extension
  • Increase your customer engagement
  • Expand the popularity of your company
  • Connect to your Facebook and Google+ page from your homepage
  • Use the tool to Like Us and Follow Us on Commative!

Twitter Feed Extension

Magento Twitter Feed extension with cache settings

Magento Twitter Module
  • Twitter extension with full feed cache
  • Versatile design and easy integration options
  • Simple to put anywhere on your site
  • The only Magento-Twitter integration that won't slow down your store!
  • See the Commative Twitter feed on our homepage.

Social Bookmarking Extension

Not your usual Magento Social Bookmarking extension

Magento Social Bookmarking
  • Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Email
  • Increase conversion & user retention rates with a non-intrusive design!
  • See the social links for yourself and try them out.

Speed Up Magento Extension

Make Magento fast with the Speed Up module

Speed up Magento
  • Combine and minify all CSS & JS files
  • Ultimate image combining solution
  • Lazy loader intelligently loads images only as you need them
  • Html compression, light code, and so much more!
  • Check out our high score on Google's PageSpeed ranking!

1-Click Installer Extension

Magento themes and extensions auto-installer

Magento Theme Installer Extension
  • Hit "1-click install" and you're done
  • Uninstall functionality included
  • Install Ultimento's themes, extensions, & data without overwriting anything!

Cross Browser Compatibility

Magento full Cross Browser Compatibility extension

Magento Cross Browser
  • Fanatic cross browser compatibility
  • Full plug and play mode
  • Boost sales and SEO with the most complete browser support possible!

Language Flags Extension

Magento Language Flags extension

Magento Language Flags
  • Country flags language switcher is intuitive and easy
  • Just set the language in the admin
  • Make your e-commerce go global and instantly multiply revenues!
  • See all the flags and use them to check out our different themes!

Enhanced Lightbox Extension

Magento Lightbox Gallery

Magento Lightbox
  • Better usability and interactivity
  • Custom zoom function fully integrated
  • Retain your users on the product page and get more sales!
  • Click on a product image to see how it works

Ultimate SEO Extension

The best Magento SEO extension

Magento SEO

Rich Snippets

Boost your SEO rating

Magento Rich Snippets
  • Rich snippets functionality fully integrated
  • Show relevant content on Google
  • Improve search engine rankings
  • See what Google sees on Ultimento product pages

Newsletter Opt-in Extension

Newsletter signup right on the Magento checkout page

Magento Newsletter Signup Checkout
  • Multiple newsletter signup scenarios
  • Simple Magento admin options
  • Customers who get your newsletters will come back to your store!

Smooth Scroll Extension

Magento Smooth Scroll extension

Magento Smooth Scroll
  • Enhance your site's usability
  • Extremely flexible and easy to use
  • 100% production ready and seamlessly pre-integrated in your store!

Easy Reviews Extension

Magento Easy Reviews extension

Magento Reviews Extension
  • Reviews directly on the product page
  • Optimized for SEO and performance
  • Results in a huge impact on product page conversions!

Discussion Extension

Magento Discussion extension (Free after review!)

Magento Discussion Extension
  • Increase product page conversions
  • All comments moderated by admin
  • Easily answer product questions
  • Enhance your site's SEO with user generated content!

Easy Customization

Make your Magento site unique

Magento Customization
  • Everything in Magento CMS blocks
  • Save time and void editing files on your server directly
  • Control the Magento template in one XML file

Upgrade-safe Extension

An upgrade-proof customization option

Magento Upgrade Safe
  • Customize all you want - takes the risk out of upgrades!
  • Provides site flexibility
  • Never worry about upgrading your installation again!

Multiple Themes and Homepage Layouts

Proven Magento Themes

Magento Themes
  • Elegant and clean Light theme
  • Dramatic and sexy Dark theme
  • Organic and different Natural theme
  • Homepages focused on products or promotions or both
  • Fanatic SEO and Speed optimization