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How do I add static internal links to my category header in Ultimento?

Magento is a great content management system. You can dynamically add products and categories extremely easily without touching a line of code. Your store may be built out, but sites are abou...



How do I add static external links to my category header in Ultimento?

Sometimes you need to provide customers with links in your navigation header that go to pages that are on sites other than your Magento store. It may be a blog of yours, an informational site, a secon...



How do I modify the Ultimento homepage?

The Ultimento homepage has been crafted to be customer and SEO friendly while also being extremely easy to edit for the store owner. Each component of the homepage is controlled by a different static...



How do I add buy buttons to products on the category or home page in Ultimento?

Ultimento by default doesn't include "add to cart" or "buy" buttons to products displayed on category pages or on the homepage. These call to action links generally perform quite poorly as a majority...



How do I remove the "Powered by Ultimento" link from the footer?

By default, when you first install Ultimento onto your Magento site you'll notice that it adds a small piece of text in your footer that says "Powered by Ultimento". This bit of code is required to st...



How do I add header links back into the Checkout in Ultimento?

When using Ultimento, by default, the header links are removed within the checkout. This is intentionally done as data shows users can be distracted by these links and their presence leads to higher c...



How do I change between preset homepage layouts in Ultimento?

What Makes Ultimento Different? Most Mageto themes limit your site to a single look while the "fancy" ones just give you a few colors to pick from. Ultimento goes beyond that to offer you totally dif...



How do I modify the Javascript Slider in Ultimento?

Ultimento comes with a number of built in features to help give your site pizazz and chief among them is the JavaScript slider that can be found on the homepage. While this slider gives you the abilit...



How do I edit the My Account menu in the Ultimento header?

Ultimento creates a drop down "My Account" menu in Magento that makes it easier for your customers to find what they need while also presenting the information in a clean and styish manner.  &...



How do I make Magento serve different themes for mobile users?

As the use of mobile devices like smartphones and iPads increases you may find yourself wanting to server a mobile version of your Magento store to these devices while still keeping your regular site...


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