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What hosting provider should I use for Magento?

We often get asked for recommendations or suggestions on which hosting company to choose to host a Magento site. If you want your Magento site to run smoothly and load fast, you will need a Magento Optimized Hosting service. 

Start by reviewing the system requirements for Magento. For example, it requires PHP 5.2, having safe mode off and a memory limit of at least 256 MB. As with our Magento themes and extensions, we believe you should not spend a great deal of time to setting up your e-commerce store. So finding a hosting company that can install Magento for you is always a good sign of a solid Magento hosting provider.

There are a lot of options when looking for hosting companies that are Magento optimized. We can't say that we've tested them all so we don’t want to recommend one over the other, but we can say that we have several clients who are happy with Nexcess and we actually run our own demo store on Nexcess Magento Hosting. They have shared hosting plans starting at less than $30 a month and provide good support.

Other Ultimento and Magento customers use some of the other well known hosting providers like  Media TempleSite 5Hostgator, and TMD Hosting. You should always go out and look for reviews so you can decide for yourself which provider is best for your needs, but these companies are a good place to start.