New Live Magento Template on Ultimento 3: Ecoscraps

Ecoscraps is a revolution in compost having reduced food waste and methane gas at unprecedented levels. It has been so successful it has received numerous rewards and grants and has been featured on CNN, Yahoo!, Bloomberg and Reuters among others. We are extremely proud that they have chosen to launch their online compost store using Ultimento as the Magento template. The Magento development team has taken advantage of the ease of customization by changing the backgrounds, colors and images but otherwise have kept most of the Ultimento Magento extensions intact.

It is a great color scheme and you can browse the site here:

Live Ultimento Magento Template: Ecoscraps

Online Holiday Sales Trump Traditional Retail

As the year end numbers continue to come in it’s clear that online retailers significantly outpaced their brick and mortar counterparts yet again. Traditional retailers eked out a minor 0.7% increase in sales over 2011 while online stores were up between 8% and 16%, depending on who you ask.

Part of the dip below expectations of a 3% or 4% lift can be attributed to a sizable decline in sales along the Eastern Seaboard as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Storms aside though, 2012 represents the poorest performing holiday season since 2008 and the height of the economic turmoil. Still though, many retailers are happy to have been positive and expectations for 2013 are high.

Did you find your online stores beat out your physical retail shops this year? Are you projecting a good year for 2013?

The Commative Team

Holiday Online Spending Up 13% in 2012

As the holiday sales season winds down online retailers can look back at an extremely successful period of revenue growth with spending up 13% from a year ago. Despite concerns around the fiscal cliff in the United States and a world economy only now slowly starting to find its feet consumers took the Internet in droves to do their holiday shopping.

Activity during “Green Week” (the second full week after Thanksgiving) also surpassed “Cyber Week” (the week of Cyber Monday) for the first time ever showing the power of online retail outside of Cyber Monday. Chase collects such data in its HolidayPulse site each holiday season providing data on year over year sales in the online space.

Did your Magento stores do well? Are you up from the year before? It’s been an exciting season here at Commative and we’re thankful to have helped so many retailers find success online.

Happy Holidays!

The Commative Team


Ultimento Case Study: New Live Magento Template

Ultimento is not only a great Magento template to use as quick and easy way to get your Magento store up and running. It is packed with so many features and extensions that several professional developers use it as a base template to build on and customize. Here is another example of that: have taken a lot of the Magento extensions within Ultimento and customized the template itself to add them where it is needed for their store. While the look is very unique, you can see several Ultimento pieces are incorporated such as the product carousel/slider, javascript slider, exploding menu, product tabs for easy display of information, optimized check-out as well as all the social bookmarks and media integrations. It also exemplifies how it is possible to add other extensions and features into the template.

Please take a closer look at on the Ultimento Magento Theme

New Live Magento Template on Ultimento 3

Here is another example of a heavily customized Magento template using Ultimento 3 as the base for their web store. This online Vietnamese Apple store has changed colors, fonts and inserted custom images into the Ultimento template to make it unique. It illustrates yet again the many opportunities our customers have to customize the Magento template within the Ultimento package while taking advantage of all the built-in Magento extensions such as the Magento javascript slider extension, Magento social media and bookmarking extension, Magento checkout extension, and Magento enhanced lighbox extension among many others.

You can see the full site here:

Live Magento template on Ultimento 3

Magento Imagine 2013 Is Coming!

Magento’s yearly Imagine conference is set to return in 2013 to cover all things Magento. Just like last year the event is being held in Las Vegas at the M Resort and the 3 day conference will start April 8th.

Our entire team attended Imagine 2012 and learned a ton from all of the seminars and speakers. We got the chance to mingle with other Magento customer and developers and even had some of our work displayed on a massive screen of top Magento sites! Aside from the business, there’s also plenty of fun to be had with mixers and other events so this is certainly an event not to be missed.

Registration begins on January 15th, 2013 and early bird tickets ($895) will go quickly so set your calendars now. Last year Magento announced major new releases of Community and Enterprise and who knows if Magento 2 will be this year’s surprise. We’ll find out soon!

The Commative Team

Take the Magento Certification Exam For Free!

The Magento Developer Certification program was started by Magento as a means of helping companies identify developers who were trained and qualified in the skills necessary to work with Magento. The test requires familiarity and understanding of the Magento platform and is also an excellent idea for any developers looking to broaden their credentials.

To help spread the word, Magento is running a contest for three free exams (a $260 value each!). All you have to do is tweet in 140 characters or less why you want to become a Magento Certified Developer. You’ll need to include @Magento and the hashtag #mdc in your response so make sure  you’re eloquent, but succinct.

You have to enter by Midnight PST on December 6th so enter now!

The Commative Team

New Live Magento Theme: The Telecom Spot on Ultimento 3

The Telecom Spot site has taken Ultimento template to the max to make it suitable for their customers. Among other things, they’ve incorporated much of Ultimento’s core functionality and Magento extensions such as leveraging the ability to add images easily into the exploded menu functionality, incorporating the Magento Twitter extension and other social media extenions, and using the built-in CMS blocks for showcasing products and videos.

There have been some very neat color and styling changes through-out the site to make this Magento store really speak to its targeted customer group. Please take a closer look by visiting their site on

The Telecom Spot site on Ultimento

Another Record Falls! Consumers Spend $1.5 Billion on Cyber Monday!

Comscore is reporting that Cyber Monday sales in the US jumped up 20% from last year to reach a staggering $1.5 billion! A nearly 50% lift from Black Friday, this marked the single largest day of online sales in history and hopefully is clearing a path for a record breaking season overall.

The National Retail Federation also reported a record 247 million shoppers went online over the 5 day holiday period, up over 20 million from the year before. Average order size was also up to $423 from $398 and total spending hit $59.1 billion across all channels.

The share of holiday revenue going online is only increasing thanks to rising consumer confidence in online security and improvements in merchandising and marketing operations with an online focus. Make sure your site is ready to compete and attract customers with a Magento store powered by Ultimento!

The Commative Team