Magento 1.7 is Out and it Works with Ultimento 3

Magento 1.7 has been out for a week now and we have to say we’re impressed. Announced at Magento’s Imagine conference, 1.7 is the biggest Magento release in 9 months and includes a bevy of new features and fixes. Some of the highlights include…

  • Coupon Codes – Now you can have these auto-generated; very helpful when you’re dealing with large numbers of personalized codes.
  • Layered Pricing Navigation – Improved left navigation bar gives you more flexibility on breaking up your products by price.
  • CAPTCHA Support – Those annoying boxes where you have to type in the letters before you can click “continue”? Now you get to use them to cut down on spam.
  • Base Pricing by Customer Group – Use different product prices for different customer groups, great for B2B applications.
  • Backup and Rollback Functionality – This is HUGE! Few things are more important than protecting your store’s data.
  • REST API – Great if you’re building integrations between your site and other services
  • Over 200 Bug Fixes – A massive collection of updates to address numerous annoyances.

The minute we heard about the final release we got to working on our own products and are happy to confirm that Ultimento 3 is fully compatible with Magento 1.7.

Whether you’re just trying out Magento or looking to upgrade the store you already have, Magento 1.7 is worth checking out.

The Commative Team


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